Wearable Fitness Tracker comparison for Women ?

If there is one thing that makes every woman look stylish and unique, it is wearing the right accessories. When it comes to wearing the best fitness tracker for women, it is no different. If you look good, you will feel good. This is where buying the best fitness tracker for women counts. Many watches claim to be the most accurate fitness band available, so how do you rate activity trackers ?

What is the best fitness tracker for women ?

While the right look and feel is important, it is the functionality of the fitness tracker, which provides the real value. Some top workout watches and activity tracker brands, have fitness counter features to track activities. Others may claim to be the best activity tracker with hrm (heart rate monitors). That is why it is important to spend time, getting the right information, to help you choose a fitness watch to match your needs.

One of the many factors to consider is the size of the watch. Women’s wrists tend to be slim, which favours a slim-line as opposed to a chunky watch? This means that you may want to opt for a fitness watch, which has a smaller face. You may also want a fitness watch that is sporty, as well as being good for everyday use. Consider what you can wear with a variety of daily garments. This gives you options to use the device more than just fitness tracking.

While style may be a consideration, it is the fitness tracking features, which hold the key. There are many fitness watches available to buy, with new fitness trackers coming out everyday. Whether you are running, cycling, swimming, circuit or step counting, here are a few good watches to consider, which can track everything from calories to sleep.

Polar Loop 2 fitness tracker

Polar Loop 2 Fitness Tracker for Women. Polar Loop 2 is an activity tracker, which features motivating feedback and personal guidance whilst tracking activities. With just a single tap, it displays the target for each daily activity you set, with tips on how to achieve them. It also displays the time, your calories burned and step count. If you stand still for 55 minutes, the Polar Loop 2 has an interesting vibration alert, which reminds you to get up.
The Polar Loop 2 uses personal settings, which you customize to set your daily activity goal. It has five levels of activity, which it tracks based on your movement from walking to running.
You can also sync the Polar Loop 2 to track your heart rate while you work out, with the H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor. It also measures sleep, steps, resting and sitting times. It features a soft, flexible, water resistant bracelet with rechargeable battery. It also vibrates when you receive incoming calls, messages or notifications.
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Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS fitness tracker

Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Fitness Tracker for Women Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS running watch features a lightweight design with a high-resolution colour display. The display is straightforward and easy to interpret data at a glance. It is sturdy, has simple buttons and a wristband adjustable for any size wrist size. There is also a heart monitor with a soft strap to provide heart rate data. It has a built-in accelerometer, which tracks you when running. It provides you with constant feedback on essential data like pace, distance and heart rate. It also features real-time live tracking and social media sharing, which means you can stay connected with friends and develop training partners.
For notifications, the Garmin Forerunner 220 is customizable, with both vibration and audible alerts to suit your needs. You can set up alerts to help you stay within your range for pace, run or walk intervals and heart rate. Once completed data is saved in your watch’s history with a post-run summary stats report. You can also sync your smartphone with Bluetooth, to share your uploads, live track and runs online Read what buyers say in reviews


Fitbit Surge fitness tracker

Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker For Women Fitbit surge is a sleek fitness super watch with built in GPS to help you train smarter. The multisport functionality enables you to maximise training time, by delivering stats which measures your effort. It has a design to assist you to reach peak performance, stay connected and keep motivated. It packs many features to help you work towards your goal. Some features include activity tracking, music control, automatic sleep detection and notifications.
The Fitbit Surge has a monitor to track how long and well you sleep. There is also a wrist-based heart rate monitor, to help you maximise training by maintaining intensity and monitoring calorie burn. You can view a summary with tailored results of comprehensive workouts for all activities, such as running, cardio, distance travelled or steps taken. It allows you to play music from your smartphone playlist, while you can select songs direct right from your wrist. You can also sync stats automatically and wirelessly to your computer or smartphone.
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Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Fitness Tracker

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Fitness Tracker for Women SUUNTO, AMBIT3 PEAK connects to your Smartphone to help you plan your workouts and track your progress. As an ideal watch for sports and adventure it has route navigation with track back. Suunto has been renowned for sports watches designed for extreme environments and outdoor adventures.
It allows you to plan your route whether on normal terrain or high up in the mountains. The Suunto, AMBIT3 PEAK also has Quick GPS-Tracking, Route planner with topographical map, Coordinate system, Barometric altimeter, Bluetooth and Altitude. It has a special feature called Heatmaps. It shows you popular routes used by SUUNTO Movescount Community, based on millions of individual. You can plan your own routes with rich topographic maps and share with the community on social media. Compare your personal best with your peer groups or help others achieve their personal goals. It is also compatible with online communities. It also has 30 hours of battery life with the highest GPS accuracy.

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Garmen Forerunner 25 GPS Fitness Tracker

Garmen Forerunner 25 GPS Fitness Tracker For Women Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS is an easy to use watch that enables you to save, plan and share activities. It features a thin watch design with a large display area. There is a rechargeable battery, which lasts up to ten hours training or ten weeks in watch mode. You can track distance, time, pace and steps. With the Virtual Pacer, you can compare your current pace to your target. It tracks your personal record and syncs with Bluetooth for live tracking. Whether you are indoors or out, the Forerunner 25, counts your calories burned, with an inactivity indicator to motivate you when long inactive periods are recognized. The smart notification triggers, by pairing with your smartphone to enable you to receive text and call alerts. You can alert family and friends to follow your run in real time. With the Garmin heart rate strap, as an extra accessory, you can track your heart rate and calories for any activity. When paired with a compatible smartphone or computer, you can upload all your activities to Garmin’s on-line fitness community. Read what buyers say in product reviews