Smart Entertainment and Gadgets

Smart Entertainment & Gadgets

Smart entertainment has escalated, with many products available to keep you connected. Manufacturers are competing for the best of everything smart tech to keep us entertained with hours of fun. The best smart entertainment products are those that fit into your everyday life.

What are the best Smart devices and gadgets ?

Exploring innovative smart entertainment devices can transform your experience. If you like to live life wireless then you will be pleased with some of the smart gadgets, which we have discovered. So what are best smart devices that go beyond the hype ?
Here are some which we put together to deliver delight and get you wirelessly excited.

Hover Drone, Potensic 5.8GHz FPV Monitor 4CH

Hover Drone Potensic 5.8GHz FPV Monitor 4CH The Hover Drone, Potensic 5.8GHz FPV Monitor 4CH is a quadcopter drone that can hover at different heights. It has a hovering, altitude function, which allows you to enjoy the view on the screen, without keeping an eye on your drone to control it. Another feature is the dual channel live view camera with a 6 axis gyro stabilisation, making it easier to fly. The drone has a single button flip, for use when the drone flips 360 degrees. It also features a 2 Megapixels HD Camera.
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Osmo Genius Kit

Osmo Genius Kit Osmo Genius Kit takes kid game play beyond the screen by bridging the physical and digital worlds. Nearly everyone in the family can enjoy this educational toy. It features a set of five different games where children can explore maths, science and art plus more. It comes with five apps designed for anyone over six and works with the latest ipads. Kids and adults can cultivate their minds and creativity with the Osmo games.
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Sphero Ollie Darkside

Sphero Ollie Darkside This is Sphero Ollie Darkside is an app-enabled robot, an electrical beast. Defiance, that draws its energy from unrestrained competition and reckless abandonment. It features Bluetooth connectivity up to a blazing 30 metres with 60 minutes of frenzied drive time on a single charge. Command this devious robot with its forces to unleash its unrivalled power. Sphero Ollie Darkside has had a dynamite makeover to unleash a revolutionary, app-controlled rush of excitement for thrill seekers.
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Beats by Dr. Dre Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker Beats by Dr. Dre Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker defines pure sound quality in a compact design. It features a Bluetooth connection with a charge out, to charge phones and other devices. It comes with a 12-hour rechargeable battery and a stereo active 2-way crossover, which creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range. There is a tweeter and woofer separation which is similar acoustic mechanics found in professional recording studios. You can sync two Beats Pill+ speakers together for an even more vibrant sound experience. The easy interface gets you swiftly to your music with a tap of the multifunction ‘b’ button.
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Roberts Radio Stream 65i Wireless Multi-Room System

Roberts Radio Stream 65i Wireless Multi-Room System The Roberts Radio Stream 65i is a wireless multi-room system with FM/DAB/DAB+ Internet Radio. It features built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity allowing you access to millions of songs online and a choice of 20,000+ internet radio stations and podcasts. You also have the ability to listen and stream your personal music from your computer, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This is easily controlled using the free UNDOK app which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone. You can even use the clock and dual alarm to wake up to CD, SD Card, USB, Radio or buzzer. If you like the music on the radio station you are listening to, press record copy it across to an SD Card.
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Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit The Nanoleaf Aurora, is a LED smart lighting product. It enables you to personalize your lighting by creating shapes and scenes. You can connect pair and control multiple auroras all to the same wireless network. It enables you to personalise auroras with smart lights to room groups and control multiple lights in your home. With the aurora’s modular LED panels, you can recreate the perfect white light or brilliant daylight. It is customizable and allows you to transform light into living paint. You can even design and save your own colour palettes settings for the Aurora . It is compatible with Android as well as IOS and it works using WIFI with no additional hubs.
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Skytec SPJ-PA915 Mobile PA System

Skytec SPJ-PA915 Mobile PA System The Skytec SPJ-PA915 Mobile PA System is a bluetooth enabled, professional 15 inch 700 Watt mobile sound system. It has two VHF wireless microphones, USB and SD slots, integrated with a remote control for MP3 audio playback. The VHF wireless microphones operate on different frequencies and there are two inputs with an echo effect for wired microphones. You can charge the PA system indoors and use at small or medium venues for an excellent audio experience. The PA system is high portable with a rugged case, an integrated trolley, a telescopic handle and internal rechargeable battery.
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AKAI Professional BT100 Bluetooth Enabled Turntable

AKAI Professional BT100 Bluetooth Enabled Turntable The AKAI Professional BT100 is a Bluetooth enabled turntable with a premium performance belt-drive. It boasts of a low profile design aesthetic with a silky black finish. With the Bluetooth feature you can stream music wirelessly when paired with any Bluetooth speaker. The belt-drive is fully automatic and provides extremely quiet operation with two optional speeds. There is also a built-in phono pre-amplifier, which connects to a traditional at the flick of a switch.
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DEWALT DWST1-75663-GB Toughsystem Radio DAB+ Bluetooth

DEWALT DWST1 75663 GB Toughsystem Radio DAB+ Bluetooth The DEWALT DWST1-75663-GB Toughsystem features Bluetooth, radio DAB+ with 6 Speakers and USB. It has great sound quality with the ability to charge 10.8v, 14.4v or 18v XR batteries. It will also charge your phone via USB and play your phone or MP3 player sounds via Bluetooth. The six speakers provide 40 RMS of premium sound with two sub-woofers. It is powered by AC cable or by power tool XR battery. It stacks precisely on top of other Toughsystem toolboxes and can be carried on a Toughsystem trolley.
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